The EliDent articulator was invented by Ilya Aronov, a dental technician who specializes in ceramic restoration, implants, and gold work. Ilya Aronov was challenged with the task of making a fast, stable, accurate, and economic model which would fulfill every technician’s requirements. The articulators that were on the market were unreliable model production was time consuming, difficult, and required multiple materials for their production. There are single process articulators available however, the stability of the die results of those models are unacceptable and do not measure up to the efficiency, accuracy and simplicity of the EliDent.

Ilya Aronov developed an EliDent articulator which provides a fast, stable, accurate, and economic model articulator, making the job a lot more efficient for dental technician.

The EliDent articulators are reusable and tested up to 20 times, they feature a light durable construction, and have stability on your die with a minimum 2mm of thickness. The Elident gives dental technicians a perfect articulation model they can rely on over and over again.