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Introducing the innovative evolution of articulators, the newest comfortable elident articulator system in the market.
It is designed to give high stability in order to allow the dental technician to create a fast and efficient model with:

  • Speed

  • Durability

  • Economical

  • Ability to reuse it (up to 20 times)

  • High precision (up to 2mm of thickness)

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Perfect for rush cases and any other you may need.

The important point in dental technician work is dealing with a correct model and articulator. We are happy to answer all your needs with Elident Articulator .

Elident Articulator that will give you the highest stability, fast in processing, and the ability to reuse it over and over again. We will do our very best to make our articulator work for you. Subsequently he invented an articulator that answered all your needs, that understands the needs of your business, we want you to have a product that is going to help you improve your work in a faster and easier way. We built long-lasting relationships with our customers and we work hard to earn your trust by ensuring your satisfaction and exceeding your expectations.

Our goal has always been to create lasting relationships with businesses by meeting specific needs with the products we create. Working closely with the needs of a diverse set of businesses..

products are created with the goal of solving tomorrow’s problems, not just today’s.

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